Here are some of the subjects I tutor. This list is meant to be a guideline but whether or not I can help may depend on your particular situation 1

Up to Undergraduate Lower Division

All Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Undergraduate Upper Division


Linear, Abstract

Real, Complex

Proofs, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory

Combinatorics, Discrete Probability, Random Variables, Markov Chains


Classic descriptive methods, exploratory analysis, visualization

Parametric and Non-parameteric Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Regions, Bootstrap.

Models and Methods:
Linear and Logistic Regression, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Bayesian methods.

Computer Science

Discrete Math, Set Theory, Proofs, Logic, Induction, Recursion, Algebraic Structures, Enumeration and Randomness

Fundamentals, Object-Oriented

Languages and Tools3:
Python, Jupyter, Git, R, SQL, Unix shell, C++ (B), MATLAB (B), HTML & CSS (B),

1. Please be aware that creating a precise, comprehensive list is challenging — there can be overlap between subjects, each subject can be taught/studied at several levels, and maybe taught differently at different schools. Also, the subjects as listed correspond to "pure" math courses (which are usually offered by a math department) as opposed to "applied" math course (which may be offered by a math department or within other science departments).

As an example, I've helped students in master's programs for chemical engineering and atmospheric sciences, even though their classes weren't math classes per se. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for on this list, please contact me — there's a good chance I may be able to help.

2. The contents of this UW course and this one are a good gauge.

3. B = Basic

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